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the best, thing about this lifetime, is the blessing of always being able to share with those who inspire you, your appreciation and love of their cultivated talent. Thank you Rog and Bee for this photo • opp, sincerely a breath of fresh air, #vscocam #vsco #createwithhope #seenbyarchaic #rogwalker #portrait #photography (at NYC )

man it feels tremendously good to know, you’re creating something immeasurably experiential, building from a raw emotional space to tell your story of triumph. I have the honor of working with 7+ artists in our mission to tell the world that the ARTS CAN AND WILL HEAL. Our current campaign is less than 15 hours away from completion, please donate anything you can: love, support and lastly any coin or dollar you have to help us grow. This September our first project comes to life. This Fall there will be a harvest of growth. If you haven’t already please say hello to my new growing baby: @chapterofundstg <3 POWER. (donation link in bio)

I promised her, I wouldn’t post on facebook I suppose this is my happy medium. (my mentor // sculptor leah poller) #vscocam #vsco #harlemarts #sculptor #love #guidance #myothermomma #power #truth #mommaleah (at Harlem)

there’s enormity all around us. The mission, the stigma and even the stage we’re choosing to bring awareness to the rise of youth suicide. If you haven’t already, please join us (@chapterofundstg) on the journey of bringing new life into today’s suicide prevention community. Please DONATE//SHARE and help us reach our goal, you can find the link in my bio…remember I love you, thank you for being here. #createwithhope #suicideprevention #anxiety #depression #mentalhealth #attention #changethegame #vscocam #vsco (at NYC )

been a while, had this one stored away, (liberty fairs) + family. wide shot, someone tag Nick!!!! #libertyfairs #menswear #seenbyarchaic #details #menswear #fashion #vscocam #vsco #NYC #style #design #gantrugger #mensgoods (at NYC )

about a year ago, I was a few hours away from taking my own life. Friends and family, were unable to move me from making such decision but the power to remain, to survive and exist exerted itself through my art. I can honestly say, art has truly taken my woes and sheltered them into moments of understanding, courage and passion. Chapter of Understanding resonates with me, as it is a direct product of a child, wanting to co-exist with his pangs through expression. I am proud to lead such a profound group of artists who want to achieve universal wellness at all costs. We all understand the tangible feeling of sharing your growth and hope with another. I encourage all of my followers, some of you my friends and now my family to support this project of mine and adopt C.O.U as your own. We are all creatives, and my dream is to see the gifted support plans of selfless measure. We have just launched our crowd-funding campaign and if you have anything, you can donate we would certainly appreciate it. Please know I am here for you, if you are hurting and I truly believe it is time for all us to become transparent again. :) (I got your back if you have mine) • (link in bio) #createwithhope #letschangethings #vscocam #vsco #suicideprevention (at NYC )

can really get used to this, farewell @libertyfairs, you were good to us, see you next year. #claimingblessings #vscocam #vsco #menswear #libertyfairs #freedomhall #NYC we’re patiently creating a legacy. (at Pier 92)

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