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can really get used to this, farewell @libertyfairs, you were good to us, see you next year. #claimingblessings #vscocam #vsco #menswear #libertyfairs #freedomhall #NYC we’re patiently creating a legacy. (at Pier 92)

haha almost forgot this one, in honor of my trip to Liberty Fairs today, since I probably won’t be looking like this. LORD KNOWS I AM TIRED. (will I see you there) 📷: @perrylperry #menswear #fashion #seenbyarchaic #vscocam wishes but it’s just that good #mensfashion #details #style #gantrugger (at SoHo)


If one voice is lost, we all lose the power to speak”….C.O.U

It begins in a very confusing, uncompromising position. The only refuge you have are the words and the repetitious melodies of concern. Ignorance and pleas covered in tears diverged by anger, experienced by an intensely fragile spirit. It can be a dark, damp space, unbalanced and secluded away from reality, but when you are there very little can bring you to serenity. Emotionally wounded, some seek change through professional treatment while others turn towards suicide.

Today our youth are subjected to judgment and more importantly prejudice. Despite numerous outlets available to voice their concepts and beliefs, more and more children are becoming victims of digital scrutiny day in and day out constantly tearing at their moral and emotional stability. Suicide claims the life of more than 10 children/teens a day, and currently stands as one of five leading causes of death in youth between the ages of 10-14: chilling statistics, warranting change (AAS). The stories are endless, indirectly building a culture of damaged children searching for ways to cope…a space to breathe.

C.O.U will strengthen the dialogue between the arts, new media and suicide prevention. We are now actively pursuing our two tier plan. A performance platform comprised of art-installation, dance and music composition, with the practice of our proposed preventative methods following shortly after. C.O.U is scheduled for debut at El Museo Del Barrio Theatre here in New York City, September 6, 2014.

We believe when dialogue ends action is soon to follow, producing both beauty and unfortunately in the case of suicide, demise. With such a strong mission, our project requires support from those who understand the importance of the arts as a medium optimal to explore issues of hurt, hopelessnessand the value of life.

(via thearchaicmeasure)

and we’re off, a few weeks ago I mentioned an initiative driven by a special group of emerging artists and I here in NYC. The name of the initiative is Chapter of Understanding and our first social project: C.O.U is scheduled for debut this Fall (image above) We are invested in nurturing the relationship between the arts, and suicide prevention for today’s youth. Our plan to lead a stronger emotional-expressive discourse is priority and as the organizer of this scheme, I promise to breathe new life into suicide awareness. Today marks the day, I vow to continue to #createwithhope @chapterofundstg (🌹) welcome! (at NYC )

I smell regret lingering on the collarbone of my future, but I mustn’t oblige with its pleasures or wishes, but I can respect the prose of an ill willed drive of distaste and power. At this point it is only my ideas and I, the fruition of manifesting their existence and allowing others to feel the brisk chill of change, as I plan to implement so much in such a short period of time. I can bear no longer, the inhumane, pangs of confusion, so you know what, it is at this point we declare a new period. (lasting • transformation) (at TheBedStuyDandy)

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